Testimonials About our Cleaning Services

"Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate the work Sunshine Services does for our company. Long ago, we tried to manage our own cleaning with in house staff. Absences, vacation, etc. all caused big problems. We have now been using you service for over fifteen years and I don't think you have ever missed a scheduled day. The daily cleaning, floor service and heavy cleaning are all well done. If ever there is a problem, it is quickly resolved."

"Thanks to you for your management of our cleaning and thanks to the hard working employees of Sunshine Services. Hopefully, we can all enjoy another fifteen years of doing business together."
- John L.

"I have been hearing many positive comments about the service we are receiving from your staff. They are doing an excellent job at all 3 of our Toledo sites. The crews are on time, polite, and do a fantastic job cleaning our buildings. Please let them know we appreciate the good work."
- JoAnne E.

"Sunshine Services has been our cleaning service for approximately 3 years. They clean our offices once a week and we can always depend on their prompt and efficient service. they get the job done."
- Sherry

"Thanks to the whole Sun-Shine Services staff for your work in making Bowser-Morner a clean, comfortable place and one in which we can take pride. The supervisory and ownership work that you do is just as demanding as the tough physical work that we do."
"I appreciate Sun-Shine's high quality standards and self-inspection routine. I also appreciate the scheduling flexibility you have allowed us. Most importantly, I appreciate your loyalty to us. Sun-Shine's customer service commitment is evident in the willingness you have demonstrated to meet our needs in the most cost-effective ways."
- Elon B.

"I just wanted to thank you for nearly fifteen years of outstanding service. My buildings have always been maintained to the highest standard. Whenever there has been any kind of problem you have taken care of it immediately; a sense of urgency is a rare commodity in this day and age."
- Lloyd T


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